Christie Lenée, Guitarist/Songwriter, 2017 Winfield International Fingerstyle Guitar Champion

"We transcribed very technically advanced guitar pieces of mine, one of which was published in the Fingerstyle Guitar Journal, in addition a series of full band scores and charts transcribed from larger production recordings. Band members were always pleased with the charts. It also blew my mind to see how quickly Andrew could turn around a piece of sheet music without ever missing a note."

Matt Billman, Professional Singer

"A genuinely talented musician and transcriptionist."

Jeff Richter

"Andrew did an excellent job with my transcription project. Very professional I highly recommend his service."

Darlene Carnahan, Professional Singer

"Andrew is a professional, and his charts reflect that. Not only were they clear and precise, but he had them done very quickly, and even added a bit of extra creativity. I’d recommend him to anyone."

Jack Mulcahy

"I was working on a song for a band and felt it would be helpful to have it transcribed. I contacted Andrew, sent him the rough MP3, and two days later I had a score which everyone could work from. Brilliant."

Alton Spencer, Singer/Songwriter

"Andrew has an extraordinary instinct for arrangement and engages the process with vision, an advanced understanding of theory and instrumentation, and a remarkable sense of musicality."