So What's MuseScore???

FatCharts is proud to announce that every future project will now be created with MuseScore!
MuseScore is a cross-platform, open-source, modern notation software similar to Finale and Sibelius. It uses a lot of hardware acceleration, which means zipping around larger projects is a breeze. It also supports a wide range of SoundFonts, which for creative processes can really help give a context for a part. Should that horn part be retranscribed on a piano part, a keyboard part, or a guitar part?
Now, here's the best part about MuseScore. It's free. That's right, free! Which means? Yes, world.
We're tired of seeing people getting ripped off by arrangers and transcribers just because they want their chart in a different key or some other minor edit. So, every project you order will come with the MuseScore source .MSCZ file. That way, if you want to do any tweaking yourself without having to pay for it, you can go ahead! If you need help, of course, we can do that for you.
So. What are you waiting for? Go to and download your copy for free! And remember, it works on Windows, OSX, and Linux!