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Offering Unparalleled Music Transcription & Arrangement at the Lowest Price Possible!

Speedy Delivery!

Generally any small project can be turned around in 48 hours or less, with medium and large projects in less than a week!
20/20 Accuracy

20/20 Accuracy

Forget about seeing A chords with D flats!
Every project is guaranteed to be faithful to the recording (if any), orthographically correct, and 100% legible.

We Know Your Ensemble!

We've seen horn parts out of range, unplayable double-stops, even 7-note chords for 6-string guitar! Your project is guaranteed to be playable and easily sight-readable for every instrument.
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Jack Mulcahy, Songwriter/Producer

"I was working on a song for a band and felt it would be helpful to have it transcribed. I contacted Andrew, sent him the rough MP3, and two days later I had a score which everyone could work from. Brilliant."

Christie Lenée, 2017 Winfield International Guitar Champion

"It also blew my mind to see how quickly Andrew could turn around a piece of sheet music without ever missing a note."

Alton Spencer, Singer/Songwriter

"Andrew has an extraordinary instinct for arrangement and engages the process with vision, an advanced understanding of theory and instrumentation, and a remarkable sense of musicality."